Chicago Chess Center, NFP

Chicago Chess Center is a non profit organization helping Chicago’s youth to learn the game of chess while working toward its mission to create a permanent home for a chess center in Chicago where our community, regardless of age, gender or race could come together to learn and play chess socially and competitively while challenging their mind.

One aspect of our commitment to our community is to teach underprivileged kids in Title I schools. We believe everyone can learn to play chess regardless of their background. Each school year, our goal is to work with 5-10 Title I schools in Chicago to provide elementary students with weekly one hour chess instruction and training as well as mentor the kids during tournaments 6 times a year.

Our students are encouraged to play competitively. Two times a month, we offer United Chess Federation rated chess tournaments for beginners as well as for advance players.

We have also noticed that less than 5% of our players in our events are female. This too is the case at other chess events on a national level. Women are underrepresented in training as well. In fact, the US Chess Federation has lower rating title qualifications for women to promote women’s participation. “Compared to the general (non-gendered and open to all) titles, women’s titles require ratings and norm performances of 200 rating points lower,” wrote Vanessa West in her recent article.

In addition to meeting the needs of new players, many advance players in Chicago are also limited as they do not have strong opponents in the Chicagoland area with whom they can learn and compete. Chicago Chess Center works toward addressing shortage by offering events where our gifted youth can play against invited grandmasters.

Most people are aware of the cognitive benefits of chess: improving critical, logical and strategic thinking, increasing concentration, developing abstract thinking, developing pattern recognition and analytical skills. But few people realize chess also teaches life skills: goal setting, coping with defeat, perseverance, respect for others, building friendships, and belonging to a community. A game simple to learn, but challenging to play and stimulates the mind.

However, we are limited in our efforts as we do not have a permeant recreational center for the community to come to learn and to play. Currently, we rent space from University of IL at Chicago which restricts the ability to have a chess resource center and a chess facility in Chicago.

As we raise awareness of our organization’s mission, CCC is seeking your financial assistance. Below are a few key areas where funding is needed. However, any financial amount granted would be greatly appreciated.

I. Donation for chess books and workbooks and other study material for beginners
suggested donation amount:  suggested $100 - $1500

II. Donation to host an event for Beginners and Advance players ( no foreign grandmasters invited).
suggested donation amount: suggested $500 - $3000

III. Donation for 25 kids in Tittle I school for weekly lessons. suggested donation amount: sugested $2500 - $5000

VI. Donation for CCC to host an event where foreign grandmasters are invited to play against our gifted youth in order to achieve qualifications needed to become grandmasters too. suggested $5,000 - $10,000

V. Donation to fund for a permanent center in Chicago suggested donation amount: $5,000 - $25,000

Board members are available to meet and share our vision.