Community Renewal Society

Community Renewal Society (CRS) is a faith-based organization that works with people and communities to address racism and poverty. CRS transforms society towards greater justice and compassion. 

The oldest social justice organization in Chicago, CRS was established in 1882 by ministers and members of the Congregational Church. CRS has been on the frontlines of the struggle for justice for 135 years now.

CRS is made up of 85 congregations across the Chicago metropolitan area, coming together to put our faith into action to win change for racial and economic justice. CRS organizers work with congregational leaders to build relationships within their churches, identify new leaders in the congregation, and engage the church in local, city-wide and statewide campaigns for justice.

111 W Jackson Blvd, Suite 820
Chicago, 60604
Phone: 312-427-4830
Fax: 312-427-6130