Esperanza International

Our holistic, Christ-centered model is designed to alleviate poverty and encourage human development through a combination of financial services, complementary health and education initiatives, and spiritual integration. It is designed to address the cultural, social, spiritual and economic forces that frequently prevent families from breaking the chains of poverty, so that they can be free to create their own brighter futures. We provide group, individual, home improvement, water, and school loans, supplemented by our complementary services, through 9 offices across the Dominican Republic. Microfinance, or providing small loans to the traditionally un-banked, is a transformational form of sustainable development. By proving a “hand-up” and not a “handout”, microfinance inspires a human dignity, communicating the message that borrowers have agency in their financial decisions. Individuals in low-resource contexts have historically lived hand-to-mouth; quickly spending income on basic necessities. With access to a small loan, borrowers have the opportunity to operate small businesses, eventually balancing out the highs and lows in their income cycle. Additionally, Esperanza’s model allows the recipients of these key financial services the opportunity to receive spiritual, educational, and health support delivered through the regular bank meetings and intentional community engagement.