FLITE to Freedom

FLITE to Freedom is a charitable organization focused on bridging the powerful and uplifting emotions that are inspired by artistic expression to those needing a path to freedom of expression or freedom from oppression.

All people equally deserve to experience happiness and personal freedom. Art is one of the many vehicles that can give the confidence to aspire to this goal. Its power lies in personal expression that is free from judgment and is unique and beautiful in its own way. It is a path that can be available to us all, regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

Our goal is to create passion in children, including our own, to be ambassadors of FLITE, as they realize that their unique expression and commitment to the needs of others can not only inspire but also encourage the commitment of others for a more just world.

FLITE’s mission is to inspire and channel the hopes and dreams of others around us by harnessing the power of artistic expression and using it to empower enslaved, unfairly encumbered, or socially excluded people. Art is FLITE’s essential vehicle to raise funds, awareness, and action for the social transformation and human development of those in need.

7324 Gaston Avenue Suite 124-478
Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: 214.695.2911