Sixty Five Hundred

sixty five hundred is a remarkable venue located at the corner of Cedar Springs Road and Mockingbird Lane. The space is stylishly arranged and lends itself to events of any size.

Constructed in 1952, the building’s original use as a General Electric warehouse is apparent only in memories. The aesthetic integrity is captured in its 20 foot pine ceilings, open floor plan, and stained concrete floors. Completely refurbished, the space now has modern touches, including a state-of-the-art audiovisual system, a lavishly decorated “green room,” and on-site lounge furniture. The balance of raw materials and long lit white walls creates a rustic modernity that is the perfect accent for every event.

This 20,000 square foot venue can hold events anywhere from 50 to 1,000 guests. The event-purposed design and open floor plan can easily bend to the imagination. The unique space is tailored for custom production, including interior vehicle access.


6500 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: 214.999.0061

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