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Oysters XO

 Oyster Girls/Guys Shuck Washington DC

Our Oyster Girls and Oyster Guys move among the party guests, while they
shuck and serve tasty, high-quality oysters. An exquisite culinary
experience, originally from Amsterdam, now available in Washington DC,
Virginia and Maryland.

Oysters XO is an innovative culinary experience that spices up any event and
offers something unique and unexpected. The attraction lies in the
presentation and the interactive experience between guests and the Oyster
Girls/Guys. It’s all about the way they turn on their charm, as they serve
these succulent ocean delicacies at Private Parties, Weddings, Corporate
Events, Non-for-Profit & Celebrations.

Oyster Girls and Oyster Guys dress in tailored-to-the-event outfits and
mingle with the guests, shucking and serving tasty oysters from the buckets
around their waist.

The concept of the Oyster Girls started several years ago in Amsterdam as a
new culinary experience that spices up events. The concept was just recently
introduced to New York.

The Oyster Girls have garnered a loyal following in the press and with the
world’s most famous luxury brands.

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  • East- and West Coast Oysters
  • Local Oysters
  • Sustainable Oysters shucked by the best, the nicest and most knowledgeable Oyster Chefs of the Country