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Memorial Assistance Ministries

Every year, Memorial Assistance Ministries helps nearly 5,000 families stay in their homes and learn valuable skills to become more secure and independent.

As a tax-deductible Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MAM provides emergency and financial assistance and other services designed to put clients back on their feet, largely the working poor faced with immediate and critical personal and family situations.

MAM staff and volunteers provide immediate assistance and intervention to help clients who are in crisis. Clients receive emotional support and encouragement and are actively engaged to reflect on the underlying cause of the crisis and capacitated to work towards a stable financial future. MAM volunteers and case managers ensure that clients are linked to MAM programs and other appropriate community services.

Our mission is to assure that families have the means to meet their basic needs.

To carry out our mission, we assist families facing financial crisis to avoid homelessness, offer programs enabling long-term financial self-sufficiency, assure children an improved school experience, facilitate client access to other support networks, and provide value to our member congregations and the community.

As responsible stewards, we are grounded in faith, offering hope, preserving dignity, and open to all.

1625 Blalock Road
Houston, TX 77080
Phone: 713-468-4516
Fax: 713-468-4702